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Top 5 Survival Traps

By Blake Alma


The Basic Snare is the most simple survival trap. It is constructed from one stick and some snare wire. You simply tie the snare onto the stick. The animal walks through the snare (noose) and it tightens around him. It is ideal to trap chipmunks, squirrels, and rabbits. Setting the trap in game trails or nests are the best areas to set this snare.

 Basic Snare

The Squirrel Snare is a snare attached to a long branch (or a squirrel’s ramp, as it is known by) that is leaning against a tree. When the squirrel travels down the tree it will see the “ramp” and travel down the ramp instead. It then traps itself in the snare. This trap is designed only to trap squirrels, hence the name. Placing this trap against an oak tree that bears nuts is ideal.

 Squirrel Snare

The Pencil Snare is a snare that triggers once the animal enters the snare’s noose. The snare is attached to a stick called the pencil. The pencil stick is set in place by two sticks. The sticks have two carved grooves to keep the pencil in place. A flexible sapling has paracord or bank line tied onto it so it pulls force on the pencil.  The snare triggers by an animal pushing the pencil out of place causing it to fly up in the air. This trap is recommended for squirrels, rabbits, and small opossums.

 Pencil Snare

The Spring Snare is nearly the same trap as the trigger snare. The only difference is that the sticks already can naturally attach onto one another. Cutting a groove into the stick is unnecessary. It is constructed from an “L” stick, a latching stick, paracord, and some snare wire. The animal walks through the snare’s noose and pushes the sticks off each other, releasing the “spring” and trapping the animal.

 Spring Snare

The Two Stick Deadfall is a trap that also crushes the animal once the trap is triggered. It is only constructed from two sticks, hence the name. The triggering stick has a carved grooved to keep the deadfall in place. The triggering stick’s groove is placed onto the supporting stick and the rock is placed on the triggering stick. Once the trigger is bumped into, the trap will fall on the animal. This trap is recommended for smaller animals.

Two Stick Deadfall


The Top 4 Skills of Urban Survival

In today’s world of technological advancements, we have forgotten how our forefathers lived off the land. In the event that our plumbing or electricity fails for an extended amount of time, we may just die because we do not know the art of survival as our forefathers did. We humans must know that art of survival so that we may save ourselves, our families, and friends. If you do not know the art of survival you are in danger. It should be a requirement in our schools for us to learn Survivalism. Let me help you begin, let’s start with the top 4 skills of urban survival.

Water Collecting:

We can live only up to 3 days without water! Water is a must have. If our plumbing goes out for more than three days it may just to be good to know how to get water. I would personally recommended to have several packs of water bottles stored up in your home for this situation. Obviously, the more people living within the home, the more water bottles you should have.

If you reside next to a body of water, you can also take the water from there and boil it for 5 minutes. That way all the harmful germs are killed.  

You could also purchase the LifeStraw. The LifeStraw is a filtering system that is about the size of a normal drinking straw. It filters the water as it comes up to your mouth. It kills all bacteria and can filter up to a 1000 liters. This product can be purchased at


 Fire Starting:

If our stove is not working because electricity or gas is out, how can we eat? First off, storing up non-perishable food is very ideal. Second off, learning how to cook with an open fire is also ideal. You need to stock up on fire starting mechanisms like lighter, matches, or flint & steel. You will need to use natural dry tinder to first start your fire. You can then build it up from there, using small twigs to eventually large logs or branches. You can then cook your meats. Be sure to use only natural fuel, do not use chemical filled tender, like plastics, because you do not want that junk in your food.


I would always have a garden of edible plants in your backyard, so that you have food to survive on. Also, knowing your edible local plants is ideal too.

Mental Focus and Knowledge:

You must be able to focus and not panic in a survival situation. If you cannot focus, you will not succeed. You must also need to understand the principles of survival. You must resourceful and you must think outside the box. If you do not study the skills of survival, you will not survive.

To begin learning these survival skills visit You can also listen to some survival shows, like The Outdoorsman’s Art, on an outdoors radio station, such as WRVO Radio Network 1.

Understanding these 4 skills may just end up saving you and our family’s life!

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