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The Top 4 Skills of Urban Survival

In today’s world of technological advancements, we have forgotten how our forefathers lived off the land. In the event that our plumbing or electricity fails for an extended amount of time, we may just die because we do not know the art of survival as our forefathers did. We humans must know that art of survival so that we may save ourselves, our families, and friends. If you do not know the art of survival you are in danger. It should be a requirement in our schools for us to learn Survivalism. Let me help you begin, let’s start with the top 4 skills of urban survival.

Water Collecting:

We can live only up to 3 days without water! Water is a must have. If our plumbing goes out for more than three days it may just to be good to know how to get water. I would personally recommended to have several packs of water bottles stored up in your home for this situation. Obviously, the more people living within the home, the more water bottles you should have.

If you reside next to a body of water, you can also take the water from there and boil it for 5 minutes. That way all the harmful germs are killed.  

You could also purchase the LifeStraw. The LifeStraw is a filtering system that is about the size of a normal drinking straw. It filters the water as it comes up to your mouth. It kills all bacteria and can filter up to a 1000 liters. This product can be purchased at


 Fire Starting:

If our stove is not working because electricity or gas is out, how can we eat? First off, storing up non-perishable food is very ideal. Second off, learning how to cook with an open fire is also ideal. You need to stock up on fire starting mechanisms like lighter, matches, or flint & steel. You will need to use natural dry tinder to first start your fire. You can then build it up from there, using small twigs to eventually large logs or branches. You can then cook your meats. Be sure to use only natural fuel, do not use chemical filled tender, like plastics, because you do not want that junk in your food.


I would always have a garden of edible plants in your backyard, so that you have food to survive on. Also, knowing your edible local plants is ideal too.

Mental Focus and Knowledge:

You must be able to focus and not panic in a survival situation. If you cannot focus, you will not succeed. You must also need to understand the principles of survival. You must resourceful and you must think outside the box. If you do not study the skills of survival, you will not survive.

To begin learning these survival skills visit You can also listen to some survival shows, like The Outdoorsman’s Art, on an outdoors radio station, such as WRVO Radio Network 1.

Understanding these 4 skills may just end up saving you and our family’s life!

The Kayaking – Timmins Ontario – From David Reid

Many people enjoy the peaceful beauty of the great outdoors. Each years millions flee the cities to capture this experience. One of the ways is to canoe or kayaking down a river system or lake.

For a true adventure, Timmins offers the novice or experience paddler a wide variety of rivers and lakes to explore. With several marked and mapped water systems for your safety, Timmins, is truly a paddlers fantasy come true.

Great Canadian Kayak Challenge & Festival

Each time while travelling along one of these routes, paddlers are able to take in the breath taking scenery while enjoying an abundance of wildlife. From ducks to moose, you never know what you'll see. Some of these routes are the Dana Jowsey Lakes Park. Here a paddlers can enjoy Jowsey Lake rock outcrops and low-lying taiga forest.

Danna Lake which is 1km down the road has several islands. Red and White pines dominating the skyline. Should wind become an issue during the day, the lake offers several bays so that paddlers can still enjoy their day on the water. If you enjoy running a river system, you'll definitely enjoy travelling down one of these routes. 

The Grassy River is one such system you'll enjoy. A section known as High Falls has a series of rapids and a waterfall. This trip offers a valley type experience which is easy paddling with a few fast places along the route. A distance of 12 km. The Red Stone River offers paddlers an opportunity to travel either in a easterly or westerly direction from the Springs Road Bridge. When traveling the easterly or downstream section, paddlers will enter into Nighthawk Lake. A distance of about 18 km.

Heading westerly or upstream side will bring you to a set of rapids and falls. This is about 20 km from the bridge. This route is a little more difficult due to beaver dams however is worth the little extra effort. For the more experienced paddler, the Tatachikapika River has many rapids and lower water levels in July. In August this route is more difficult to trip and can be impossible for a canoe to travel along. Therefore the best time to explore this water way would be from mid-May to mid-July. This trip is 30 km long and has some portages over a kilometer in length and others of a few hundred meters. Paddlers that have travelled this system claim it is a challenging and exciting trip. This is not for the novice paddler to attempt.

Although I've only briefly touched base on four out of the 12 routes a canoeist or kayaker can enjoy when visiting Timmins, I encourage anyone interested in one of these trip or other trips available to Please visit and go to Vacation Packages page for more information on these trips.

If you do plan a trip up this way, you may want to schedule it August so that you can either compete or just take in the Great Canadian Kayak Challenge and Festival.

We kindly welcome you to come and give this event a try as this competitive event attracts paddlers from all over the world.

Smartbaits Magic Fishing Baits : Expert Review by Reno Viola

Every once in a while someone creates great product that is easy to use and actually helps catching fish.

Early on in 2014 meeting in a donut shop, I was approached by a company that claimed that they had a bait concept in development that I had never seen before. They also were very detailed about it and did not over selling the products. They let me make up my own mind about the concept. My immediate thoughts were a muffled chuckle. My cynical self said “Ya Sure????”  but I went through the courteous motion of looking at the product, but to my surprise I instantly fell in love with the concept of color changing technology.

I saw it as that extra bit that world help trigger strikes from cautious fish. The demo that I was shown in the coffee shop was with 2 cups of water, one hot and one cold, and one bait. They dipped the Smartbaits in cold water and nothing happened, then the put the same bait in warm water and the bottom of the bait instantly turned RED, then back into the cold water and it went back to the original color, then back into the warm water and again it turned red. I played with it back and forth for about ½ hour at that table and I immediately saw that color change as a great Trigger for fish strikes and decided to get involved with Smartbaits, right then and there.

Fast forward to 2016 and now that I have been using these magic baits for 2 years, as well as shooting countless Television Shows and Videos with the baits, I can assure you that YES Smartbaits actually help me catch more fish, every time on the water. As a matter of fact, I hardly use anything other than Smartbaits anymore. In these 2 years Smartbaits has expanded the line up to include hand made hard baits in diving and floating models as well as a whole series of soft plastics shapes from worm styles to swimming minnows including my personal favorite “Smartbomb” a do nothing style worm. All of this product is now available for sale in some Canadian Tires Stores and other leading Retailer in Canada and the USA. If you can’t find them locally, visit and order online. You will be glad that you did! By the way the next generation of Smartbaits is already in the works and will have that color change happen a specific and different water temperature ranges to be more precise in different bodies of water. Next time you are in you favorite tackle store, ask the manager about Smartbaits and if he says that he does not have them, have him contact Smartbaits directly.

You can see a few of the videos and fish that we’ve produced using Smartbaits on, as well as a special offer by simply visiting

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